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    2016 OpenLIVE Shark Island Invitational

    Association of Professional Bodyboarding

    08 Jun 2016 08:30 AEST





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    Epicentre.tv is excited to present the APB Shark Island Invitational featuring the world’s best bodyboarders attempting to conquer one of the best waves in the world!

    Depending upon the forecasts, the competition is scheduled to run across Tuesday and Wednesday mornings on the low tide.

    Weather forecasters are predicting a very large swell above the 5m mark to hit the east coast of Australia on Sunday 5 th June and produce waves of up to 6m in height.

    A handful of the world’s best Bodyboarder’s have been alerted and will be ready to compete in the two-day event that will take place at Shark Island in Cronulla, Sydney Australia.

    Andrew Lester (Defending champ), Mike Stewart (Hawaii), Ben Player (NSW), Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii), Mitch Rawlins (QLD), Dave Winchester (NSW), Lewy Finnegan (W.A), Damian King (NSW), Shaun Pyne (Cronulla) and many more of Australia’s best athletes will take battle in the world’s heaviest and most dangerous Bodyboarding wave – Shark Island.

    This predicted swell is shaping up to rival the 2001 Shark Island Challenge – the most historic and craziest Shark Island to date, which had a similar swell size and direction.

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