2019 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational

Association of Professional Bodyboarding

28 Feb 2019 05:30 AEST





Epicentre.tv is excited to present the APB Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational featuring the world’s best bodyboarders attempting to conquer one of the most prestigious waves in the world!

Pipeline is the most famous wave on the planet. A wave built for Bodyboarding. It is consistent, dangerous, spectacular, death-defying & perfect all at the same time. The best Bodyboarders in the world fly to the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii every February to compete at Pipe. With the APB top 36 and a mix of International invitees & Hawaiian Tour elites, this contest is one of the most competitive events on the tour. Winning the pipeline title is one of the biggest achievements that can be met in the sport of competitive Bodyboarding – The jewel in the crown!

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