Dream of Dakar – Complete Series

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05 Apr 2015 22:00 AEST





Dream of Dakar presents a unique insight into the workings of an under resourced Australian off-road motor sport team, as they compete against the large, well-funded factory teams at the Dakar Rally.

Over a twelve-month period we follow the team through a season of dreams, challenges, failures and triumphs – a highly charged adrenalin fuelled adventure. Under increasing financial and performance pressure GHR Honda travel to South America into the foreign world of a high level international motor sport event.

With tenacity and classic dry Aussie humor the team takes up the challenge and incredibly manage to survive their first Dakar Rally.

With a 33 year history, The Dakar Rally, is considered the toughest motor sport event in the world. Entering is in some ways like climbing your own Everest or sailing around the world; completing the Dakar is an achievement in commitment, self-belief, persistence and often, sheer luck.

As a professional rider Glenn Hoffman never achieved all that he wanted. As team manager of the GHR Honda Team, he has dominated the sport in Australia but always dreamt of taking on the world in the Dakar Rally.

Jacob Smith is the team’s number one racer. A humble 22 year old from outback Australia, Jacob works as a power line technician to support his racing career. He has never travelled abroad but has probably done more kilometers on a bike than most people will do in their cars in a lifetime.


Glenn & the team defend their title at the Australasian Safari, Australia’s equivalent to Dakar. Feeling the pressure of being only 3 months away from heading overseas, the team have their worst start in years. Jake (GHR’s Dakar hope) crashes, sustaining injuries that threaten Glenn’s dream.


In their worst performance ever, the team wraps up the Australasian Safari with only one rider left standing. The team then heads to Buenos Aires, the official starting city of the Dakar Rally, having never travelled internationally. A different culture and the logistics of a world class event see the team shell shocked.


Glenn’s dream comes to fruition as the team crosses the historic podium into the biggest race of their lives. Their inexperience is exposed when they receive speeding fines, time penalties and struggle with fatigue. Being the sole survivor of the four that started, the pressure and weight of the team’s ambitions now rest firmly on Jake’s shoulders to complete the race.


Having navigated their way through the deserts of Argentina, across the border and over the Andes into the North of Chile, Glenn ends up on the official race track, bogged and almost run over by the race trucks. Jake receives a three hour penalty for Glenn’s efforts and makes a catastrophic error in the final stage but miraculously reaches the finish, fulfilling the Dream of Dakar.