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Our Services is an online media platform that offers the end-to-end solution for content owners to develop their events from conceptual stage to implementation and the ability to continue to generate ongoing revenue. We work with content owners to increase exposure of their events while connecting sponsors and advertisers to world-class content and engaged viewers.

What we offer

EVENT CONSULTATION AND DEVELOPMENT provides free consultation to our prospective clients where we discuss how we can assist in developing their events to maximize the global exposure the platform can deliver.

CONTENT COMMERCIALISATION offers clients the opportunity commercialize their content through three models:
- Free/ Brand Funded
- Pay Per View
- Subscription

MARKETING AND EVENT PROMOTION works closely with the largest media outlets in the world in which we deliver regular content to. Our global database allows us to actively engage our subscribers and drive traffic for each event.


We assist in brokering commercial partnerships, developing new concepts, as well as generating revenue through all aspects of the broadcast.

BROADCAST RIGHTS AND DISTRIBUTION has strong media relationships with the biggest National and International TV networks around the world and regularly negotiate broadcast deals for our clients.

Pre production offers a world class services and facilities to create content to promote each event and ensure that the live production is of the highest standard. These include:
- Promo Videos
- Social media activations
- Call outs
- Sponsor/ Advertising TVC’s and pull throughs

Live Production

Our production teams have over 20 years of experience working on the biggest sports, music and entertainment broadcasts - earning the reputation as the leading sports and music production house in Australia.

LIVE STREAMING has broadcast over 2000 live streams from over 60 countries around the world. Unlike any other streaming service in the world, produces TV quality broadcasts with both Audio and Visual in crisp High Definition.

POST PRODUCTION offer a range of post production services including TV show production, DVD creation, Highlight packages to distribute to networks around the world or for social media and sponsor/ advertiser branding integration and other platforms.


Unique to live streaming is its quantifiable nature. As such, provides clients with an in depth review of their audience after each event to give clients a complete analysis of their audience and provide sponsors with important data.

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