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Frequently Asked Questions

The video player does not load?

Please ensure you install the latest version of Adobe Flash.
Download Adobe Flash.

I have forgotten my password. How do I log back into the site?

To retrieve your password, click on Login and then on the Retrieve Password tab. Enter your email address and the password will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.

Viewing Issues with Live and Recorded Videos

Many issues can be resolved by refreshing the player (click the circular arrow icon in the lower left of the player) or refreshing your page in your browser. Also, make sure you are connected to the internet with a solid connection and have an updated browswer and flash player version.

I can’t see anything.

If you are trying to watch from a mobile device, is design to work with iOS and Android phones

The video looks “choppy,” I am experiencing “lag”, or the video is “pausing” or “stop and go.”

There are many possible causes of this. The most common is insufficient bandwidth on the broadcaster’s side or on the viewer’s side. To see what your bandwidth is, go to and click “Sydney” We recommend having a download speed of at least 1Mbps for smooth playback. You may be able to watch with download speeds much less than these, but some broadcasts have very high bitrates and in order to watch them, you will need a faster connection.

Another possible cause of choppiness or pausing playback is insufficient CPU resources on the broadcaster or the viewer side. Older computer’s graphics cards may have a difficult time encoding and decoding live and recorded video. We recommend shutting down all other applications and browser tabs / windows while broadcasting and viewing if you are experiencing playback problems.

The video looks like its “Jittering” or “Skipping”

There is a known issue with certain graphics cards where “hardware acceleration” enabled within flash will cause Jittery or skipping playback. Nvidia graphics cards installed in Macbooks from 2009-2010 are particularly problematic.

To remedy this: Disable Flash Player Hardware Acceleration – Right click on the video and select Settings… click the far left ‘Display’ tab and uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration. Close the Flash Player settings and refresh your page

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